ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — “It’s in direct contravention to the purposes of the organization.” That is what Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is saying about the upcoming appearance by Texas Governor Rick Perry, before the Missouri Chamber of Commerce.

Nixon said the chamber is supposed to support and enhance Missouri businesses, not “invite people in who are running ads saying ‘Missouri businesses, you should leave the state’.”

Nixon said the situation was “beyond ironic” and “in stark contrast to the purposes of that organization.”

After touting the Missouri Works program, which streamlines tax breaks for companies that add a certain number of jobs meeting wage and benefit requirements, Nixon said the competition for jobs is not between states, but with other countries.

He said while Missouri seeks greater investment by companies with plants here, bad mouthing other states to entice businesses is just not his style: “That’s how America looses the future, and we need to win the future.”

During an interview on the Charlie Brennan Show on KMOX, Nixon said, “Texas has a higher tax burden than Missouri – everybody knows that. Higher sales tax, higher property tax, and overall, their tax burden is higher.”

He also told Brennan about what he considers to be flaws in House Bill 253.

“We feel that this measure passed by the legislature, House Bill 253 is riddled with both errors and mistaken policies,” Nixon told Brennan. “And it’s interesting that they don’t talk about the tax increase part of this bill…this has a $200 million tax increase for everybody buying prescription drugs…it’s important that you get the whole picture, not just a little bit.”

The Missouri governor continued, “The significant tranche of this bill, the $260 million tax cut, goes to special interests through ESCORPS and LLCs, and, quite frankly, that has not proven to be a job creator.”

Nixon went on to state that he “signed four tax cuts as governor of Missouri–each one targeted to do two things–create jobs and be fiscally responsible and allow us to continue to fund education and other important services.”

Texas Governor Rick Perry had his turn on Brennan’s Show just before Nixon went on the air.

Perry told Brennan, “This conversation is not just about coming up to Missouri and trying to recruit business to Texas. It’s also about having a very civil and thoughtful discussion about Red State versus Blue State policies, and which of these policies citizens of any particular state would rather live under.”

Perry will be speaking tonight at the Double Tree Hotel on Swingley Rd. in Chesterfield.


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