Bob Hamilton

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Police efforts to curb a convention of stunt motorcycle riders this weekend took another turn on Sunday.

A large group of Ride of the Century participants gathered near 4th and Chouteau, but dispersed quickly when police began checking I.D.’s and insurance cards.

KMOX on-scene says some riders were refueling at a nearby service station when power to the pumps was cut off.  It’s not yeat clear who ordered the power cut.

On Saturday, a rider died in south St. Louis when police say he clipped a police car and crashed.  In St. Charles County, another motorcyclist died when police say he ran a red light and hit a car making a turn.

On the first day of the convention, police spotted riders doing stunts in north St. Louis and ticketed two dozen riders.  Their motorcycles were seized.

Police say they are not targeting all motorcycles. . .just those doing dangerous stunts on public streets and roads.

– Bob Hamilton, KMOX News


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