ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Internal and criminal investigations are underway after a black St. Louis Police officer received a racist letter through the department’s in-house mail system.

“It’s extremely serious,” Doston told KMOX. “This is not what we expect, this is not the type of environment that we have.”

The typed letter was sent to an officer in the department’s south patrol division, and according to St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson included the line “You black (expletive). We want you out of our station.”

It also contained a threat if the officer brought the letter up the chain of command.

“If an aide call comes out for you WE WON’T RESPOND. KILL YOURSELF (expletive) OR WE WILL.”

Dotson said the officer who received the letter held on to it for about a month before bringing it forward.

“I’m disappointed and frustrated, that in today’s world someone would even think to write that type of thing,” Dotson said.

The act could be considered a hate crime, and Dotson said he has taken steps to ensure the officer’s safety, but declined to elaborate.


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