ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — A St. Louis cardiologist said there’s no denying it, some simple health tips will keep you alive longer.

“Heart disease isn’t something that has to happen to you, and if you have it, its not something that has to kill you,” said Dr. Michael Lim, Chief of Cardiology at Saint Louis University Hospital.

He suggests doing everything in your power to make your risk of dying from heart disease low. Lim suggested taking medications, eating a heart healthy diet, exercising regularly and not smoking.

Those tips should be new to people who live under a rock. But the Centers for Disease Control broke down the numbers for the St. Louis area and found which counties do a better job at adhering to their doctor’s warnings.

If you live in St. Louis City, the CDC said you are three times more likely than someone living in St. Charles County to die of heart disease or stroke because you didn’t better manage your cardiac symptoms.

Out of Missouri’s 115 counties — St. Louis City ranks 111th for highest rate of preventable cardiac-related deaths. St. Charles County is the third best in the state.

In Illinois, St. Clair and Madison counties are near the bottom of the list, Monroe County is in the middle.

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