EFFINGHAM, IL. (KMOX) – The search continued Monday night for a missing seven-yea-old girl from the Effingham, Illinois area.

Sheriff’s officials told hundreds of civilians to leave and let only law enforcement personnel search through the night.

They feared some have searched too long in the heat. Also, too many people in the search area would give helicopters with infrared devices too many false readings.

Spokesman J.R. Nieman said Willow Long, 7, had been on a couch watching television with her younger brother on Sunday morning.

“When the mother got up , she went to the living room and only the small child was on the couch, Willow was gone. The mother asked the child ‘where’s your sister?’ All he did was point to the door. He didn’t speak,” Nieman explained.

He says the girl’s mother called police immediately. An investigation showed no indication of foul play.

K-9 units tracked the girl’s scent for a while but didn’t locate her. Nieman says infrared devices were brought in immediately but did not detect any trace of the girl.

Police are asking all landowners to check their property, including any buildings and wells.


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