ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A man in a canoe paddling down the Mississippi River made a stop in St. Louis Monday.

When explorer, author, and photographer Dean Jacobs first began his trip at the headwaters of the Mississippi, he had no qualms about drinking from the river but further south the Mississippi is a mystery blend of industrial pollution, farm runoff, and mud.

“We have so many different chemicals that we’re using in our lifestyle and our ag industries. I don’t know if they measure for all of those that go into the river because things are advancing and changing much quicker than the regulation agencies,” he said.

Jacobs says he has noticed the way people feel about the Mississippi depends on how close they are to it.

“If you talk to people who live on the river, who’ve grown up on the river, the river rats, they have a reverence for the river,” he said. “They respect it, they know their way of life comes from it. The further you get away from the river, the less people have a relationship to it and eventually it just becomes a line on the map.”


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