ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The Riverview Gardens School District has received its first batch of tuition bills for transfer students who fled the unaccredited district.

A spokeswoman says the total for about three weeks in August, for 544 students in 14 schools, is $398,400.

Mehville School District Superintendent Eric Knoest says Mehlville’s portion of that total is over $112,000, which was sent last Thursday.

The next step is getting the bill paid. Knoest says he has spoken to the superintendent of Riverview.

“I expect that once they receive their monthly state aid payment, according to guidelines they are to submit payment to us within ten days,” he said.

In June, the Missouri Supreme Court upheld a decades-old state law allowing students in unaccredited districts to transfer to other districts in the area. The unaccredited districts must pay for the tuition and transportation of the transferring students.

If the unaccredited district misses its payment two months in a row, the Missouri Department of Education will step in and take the funds intended for Riverview and send them to the receiving districts.


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