Brad Choat

story updated: Sunday September 15 at 2:20pm

COLUMBIA, Mo. (KMOX) – An update on the Missourians headed to flood-weary Colorado for search and rescue efforts..

West County Fire Chief Ernie Rhodes has been picked to serve as a supervisor for an incident management team there.

The 80 members of Missouri Task Force One deployed early Sunday.

We understand they’ll be based out of a county fairgrounds in Loveland.

Many of the task force members on this mission are from the St. Louis area.

our previous story:
COLUMBIA, Mo. (KMOX) – A Missouri search and rescue team is on its way to Colorado to help with the massive flooding there.

Task Force 1 headed out from Columbia, Sunday morning, for Fort Collins. The unit is the fourth deployed by FEMA (joining ones from Nebraska, Utah, & Nevada) to help with the mission.

Spokesman Gale Blomenkamp explains what the Missouri crew might do there, “Looking over a large area for victims, water rescue type situations from houses or stranded cars, or even evacuations based on roads being cut off or communities being cut off by roads being washed away.”

Blomenkamp says many of the 80 members of the Missouri team deployed to Colorado are from the St. Louis area.


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