SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (IRN) – The drive to implement Illinois’ new concealed-carry law is dragging before it even starts, according to one of the state’s leading gun rights advocates.

National Rifle Association Illinois representative Todd Vandermyde struggles to find the words fit for mixed company.

“The emergency rules have a whole host of problems,” says Vandermyde. “We’ve been trying to work through this for the last 90 days. If they don’t want to be responsive, then there’s always another venue.”

Vandermyde says whether State Police are trying or not, they’re making the process harder than they have to.

For example, Vandermyde says local police – not private vendors – should be the ones conducting fingerprinting.

“They’re now trying to hamstring applicants for instructors by mandating that the fingerprints must be taken by licensed fingerprint vendors,” he said. “So they’re knocking out your local law enforcement agency or police department.”

“‘It’s messed up’ is an understatement right now,” Vandermyde added.


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