Brett Blume

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. (KMOX) – Illinois comptroller Judy Baar Topinka made a stop in Edwardsville Tuesday morning as part of her statewide bus tour.

She’s announcing that she’ll run for a second term in office in 2014.

“Four years ago you joined me on a quest to use the comptroller’s office to fight for efficiency, transparency and accountability,” Topinka told supporters outside the Madison County courthouse. “We have taken that charge to heart and it is making a difference. But we’re just getting warmed up.”

Topinka said “common sense” will continue to be her guiding watchword if elected to a second term as comptroller.

“You would think that that would be normality and we wouldn’t have to run on common sense,” Topinka said. “Jeepers…I mean isn’t this something that we should all kind of come (to Springfield) with? But no, it’s in rare supply in the Illinois state government.”

With Illinois facing more than $7.5 billion in unpaid bills, Topinka went on to explain that she’ll continue opposing new spending and borrowing that would drive the state deeper into the red.

Another major objective for Topinka: finally combining the offices of the comptroller and the state treasurer.

“This is so stupid that we keep doing this,” Topinka explained to applause from supporters. “There’s a twenty-percent duplication. It costs us $12 million a year that we just throw away. Everybody knows it.”

She said a bill to combine the two offices easily passed through the Senate before stalling, despite “numerous” co-sponsors in the House of Representatives.

“All I’m asking for in the House is just give me an up-or-down vote,” Topinka said. “Let’s see if we can make it happen.”

Her stop in Edwardsville was part of a 3-day, nine-stop “Common Sense Express” statewide bus tour to announce her intention to run for reelection.


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