SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (IRN) – Illinois’s attorney general has joined with counterparts from other states to demand tighter regulations on electronic cigarettes.

In a letter to the Food and Drug Administration, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and 39 other attorneys general called on the agency to impose the same age and advertising restrictions that exist for regular cigarettes on e-cigarettes, claiming tobacco companies are marketing those products to children.

“These are the same tactics we saw from big tobacco with regular cigarettes,” said Natalie Bauer, spokeswoman for the Illinois attorney general’s office. “There were using really slick marketing campaigns, using cartoons and very attractive commercials that really appealed to kids. And as most people know, most adult smokers started at an early age.”

The letter claims that the health effects of e-cigarettes have not been studied, and despite claims from tobacco companies, may still contain carcinogens.

The benefit of e-cigarettes is that they do not emit smoke, so they are not bothersome or hazardous to other people, but still may be harmful to the user.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster also joined the list of attorneys general signing on to the regulation proposal.

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