Justin Wingerter

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Former Illinois state trooper Matt Mitchell has been unsuccessful in his latest attempt to have his driver’s license reinstated.

Mitchell, 35, has taken responsibility for a car crash on November 23, 2007 that killed Collinsville, Illinois sisters Jessica Uhl, 18, and Kelli Uhl, 13.

Mitchell was responding to an incident when he lost control, crossed an I-64 median near Scott Air Force Base, and collided with the Uhls’ car. Mitchell was driving 126 miles per hour and using his cell phone and computer at the moment he lost control.

In 2010, Mitchell pleaded guilty to reckless homicide and aggravated reckless driving as part of a plea bargain. His license was suspended for two years as part of the deal.

Thursday’s decision marks the third time Illinois officials have refused to reinstate Mitchell’s license. The former trooper now lives in Killeen, Texas but returned to Illinois in July for a hearing in Mt. Vernon.

Kim Schlau, the mother of Jessica and Kelli Uhl, has appeared at each of Mitchell’s hearings to argue against his license reinstatement. Mitchell’s attorneys argue that he has fulfilled the terms of his plea bargain and should be allowed to move ahead with his life.

Mitchell’s last attempt for reinstatement was denied in August of 2012. He can file a fourth appeal if he chooses.

Mitchell’s attempt at receiving worker’s compensation benefits in 2010 prompted a state law which prohibits employees injured while committing crimes from receiving benefits.


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