By Chris HrabeBy Chris Hrabe

…After three weeks of NFL football.

1. Vegas Knows: There were some significant line movements late this week, with tons of public money coming in on the Giants, Minnesota and Green Bay.

And how did that work out? All 3 teams were beat against the spread. I think it was reasonable to give the Giants the benefit of the doubt. Haven’t they earned it over the last few years?

A desperate team was on the road, and got absolutely hammered. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. And that’s why the house had the upper hand on these three particular games on Sunday.

2. Hot Seat Movement: Let’s look at the Giants, since we just mentioned them. They’re not good. Like, at all. They’re an absolute mess right now, and Coughlin HAS to be on the hot seat.

Even if they follow their last few years pattern of starting slow, then getting hot and snapping off 7 or 8 wins to get in the playoffs, the seat is still hot now, and deservedly so.

Coaches that now find themselves off the hot seat? For the moment, Jim Schwartz, Rex Ryan and Ron Rivera come to mind.

3. KC & Miami Are Legit: At the beginning of the season, I said that I thought the Chiefs were good, but we really didn’t know. It was fair to assume that Andy Reid taking over for Romeo Crennel and Alex Smith in place of Matt Cassel would be big upgrades, but how big?

The Chiefs are 3-0, and they’ve already won twice on the road. I’m impressed.

Same goes for Miami. At 3-0 with road wins over Cleveland and Indy, I think the Dolphins are a top-five team in the league if they win at New Orleans this week. Which brings us to our next point:

4. Survivor Pools Are Hard: I give a lot of credit to teams that win on the road, because it is such a hard thing to do. That’s why it’s easy to pick home teams to win in your survivor pool.

I was a victim of this last week, picking the Colts to lose in San Francisco against the Niners. That was one of the more impressive road wins of the year, including the Chiefs in Philly, Dolphins in Indy, Browns at Minnesota and (at the time) Denver at New York against the Giants.

5. Red Zone Is The Best: I find it harder and harder to watch an entire game straight through, even if it is the Sunday or Monday night games.

When you have RedZone, or DVR the game to watch Breaking Bad on Sunday night, or are at a bar and half-paying attention to everything, you realize how little game action there actually is in any given NFL game.

I can’t imagine living like a savage without RedZone to whisk me from game to game, while I DVR the games I want to watch in entirety and then enjoy them in an hour later. NFL Game Rewind is also fantastic for this. OUR TIME IS TOO VALUABLE, and I applaud DirecTV and the NFL for realizing this.


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