ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – There is a big gap between the number of Americans who are aware of the pending Affordable Care Act and those who understand it.

That’s according to Dr. Nathan Moore, Resident at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. He is one of two Washington University School of Medicine students who have written a book on the subject.

They’re hoping to break down the extremely complex issue so it’s more understandable.

“Its going to be like Travelocity or Expedia for health insurance,” says Moore. “Before these website you might have needed to find a travel agent to find different prices. Now you’re on the website you can say how many stops I want, when you want to leave.”

Coauthor, Elizabeth Askin, says there is no reason to jump right in on day one.

“We wouldn’t even recommend that anyone actually sign up for any plans tomorrow,” she says. “Choosing your health insurance is an important decision, and you have time to make it.”

Moore and fellow Wash U. student Askin are authors of “The Health Care Handbook”.

You can find the handbook on and at Left Bank Books.

Listen to their full interview with KMOX’s Charlie Brennan below:


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