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“Enough Said” is a small, very focused and well-acted motion picture about a couple played by James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus who stumble upon one another at a cocktail party and start dating. It’s a showcase for Gandolfini’s non-Soprano side as he plays a heavy-set, gentle big bear of a guy trying to be a single parent and make his way socially after a nasty divorce.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays a masseuse who is also divorced. Both she and Gandolfini have daughters about to leave for college. On first glance, they don’t look compatible, but she thinks he’s funny and together they are very desirous of a relationship, even if not a perfect one. Everything is progressing until Dreyfus gets a new client, played by Catherine Keener, and inadvertently learns the woman is Gandofini’s ex-wife. She spews information about all of what she perceives are Gandolfini’s faults. Dreyfus is torn between just letting things slide or telling them both what’s going on.

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Toni Collette appears as Dreyfus’ sister who is a therapist and the only person Dreyfus can confide in about the strange turn of events.

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There is solid credibility in the storyline of “Enough Said” and lots of other significant elements about things like parenting. The film never really breaks out dramatically, but it does maintain a warm tone that will have you interested on how it all ends. It is not a remarkable movie, and you might think it should have been, but it’s amiable, slice-of-life storytelling with two very appealing leads. And just perhaps, Gandolfini’s character might be more like he was in real life than anyone he has ever played.


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