ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – It’s hard to imagine what the City of St. Louis would be like without the Cardinals — a team that is putting smiles on the faces of local fans and business owners alike.

If you put the joy Cards’ fans feel after a big win, like Thursday’s, aside and just look at the pure economic impact, it brings things into focus.

That’s what Ruth Sergenian, director of economic research for the RCGA, did when she applied an economic model called, IMPLAN to numbers she got from the Cards’ front office.

She has determined that each postseason game will inject roughly $5.3 million into the local economy.

Some of that is direct spending for tickets, parking, ballpark food, etc. — while the rest trickles down through the region in the form of hotel stays and dining out before and after games.

About $68-million will be spent if the Redbirds max out on the number of home games they could play this post-season.

Now, add that to the fact that attendance went through the non-existent roof at Busch Stadium this season — more than 3.4 million fans pushed through the turnstiles in 2013, above the preseason estimate of 3.2 million.

Sergenian says that pumped up the St. Louis economy to the tune of $347-million this season.


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