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No mistake about it. The new film “Gravity” from director and writer Alfonso Cuaron is the most breathtaking and visually impressive movie ever made about space. I saw it in 3-D on an IMAX screen. You felt both the spectacular risks of space walks and the striking, dangerous beauty of life beyond the pull of Earth. The sound almost blasted me out of my seat. And wouldn’t you know, the Russians cause all the problems in the storyline.

grav 2

Courtesy of IMDB

George Clooney is an experienced astronaut on his last shuttle mission who wants to set the EVA record. The purpose of the mission is a repair to a space telescope. Sandra Bullock is a somewhat reticent physician who’s on the space shot as a specialist who works with Clooney on the repairs. You might be surprised that Clooney’s role is much smaller than Bullock’s.

grav 5

Courtesy of IMDB

When an errant Russian missile inadvertently destroys a satellite in orbit, space debris starts heading for Bullock’s and Clooney’s position. They are given panic instructions by NASA to return to the shuttle and head back to Earth immediately, but it doesn’t work because if it did, there would be no film.

grav 1

Courtesy if IMDB

The rest of the film is about Clooney and Bullock’s attempts to escape the emergency and get back to Earth. Bullock’s character is not exactly the seasoned aviator type. She’s prone to motion sickness and panic attacks.

grav 4

Courtesy of IMDB

“Gravity” is an exceptional film with visual moments and special effects the likes of which you have never seen before. In that realm, it is spectacular. However, there isn’t much that makes either of the two principals the type of characters who really get your interest on a personal level, especially Clooney, who is a real stereotype. You’ll like this film a lot, but you may feel that it really lacked an authentic suspenseful edge.


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