JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (MDN) – A state audit released Tuesday found Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder used thousands from state funds for a website without legal authority to spend the money.

Deputy Auditor Harry Otto says Kinder’s website duplicated efforts, and dollars were spent unnecessarily.

“We had to point out that this new appropriation that the Lieutenant Governor received, the 38,000 dollars, is for a website that can be deemed duplicative, maybe wasteful in itself, because there are websites there,” Otto said.

Kinder’s campaign committee paid $1,189 for the site. The remaining $36,811 of the $38,000 Otto referenced funds Kinder’s employees’ salaries.

The Missouri Waste Report website would allow people to report suspected misuse of taxpayer dollars.

Otto said Kinder lacks legal authority to protect the identities of people who report potentially illegal government spending.

Kinder’s Communications Director Jay Eastlick released the following statement in response to the audit: “I am pleased to receive a good rating from the Auditor’s office, which shows that our office is well managed and that the fiscal controls we have in place are sound and effective.”

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