By Chris HrabeBy Chris Hrabe

11:00 Oh hey. Just got out of the locker room. Wow. Talk to you tomorrow at 9pm on KMOX.

9:25 He was safe. Wow. Baseball needs replay now now now.


9:07 Oh no.

9:03 And with Byrd beating out Kozma’s throw to first, we officially have our first “nervous energy of the night” from the collective Busch crowd. Assuming the worst with Alvarez coming to the plate as the tying run with two outs in the top of the seventh.

9:01 We have officially reached the point where I am shocked Carpenter didn’t make that absurd play in the hole at second. What an effort. Morneau was safe.

8:56 Cards get 1 run in the bottom of the 6th. #9MoreOuts

8:45 Fair point for the DH- RT @Tepper Seriously: Gerrit Cole is out of the most important game of the season in the sixth inning because of the National League. Think about that.

8:45 Collective sigh of relief as Gerrit Cole is out of the game. What a postseason debut for the rookie, who gave up just 3 runs in 11 innings against the Cards.

8:39 After the double play, Wainwright is through 6 innings and has thrown just 68 pitches. What an effective outing so far from the ace, who said yesterday he would ideally be a starter AND a closer — finishing what he starts, when he starts. Wonder if Matheny will give him that chance if we get to the 9th inning and Rosenthal is up.

8:34 #12MoreOuts

8:24 Wainwright at 59 pitches through 5 scoreless. 11 in a row set down. Smooth sailing so far.

8:11 And, with Yadi reaching first, we have activity in the Pirates bullpen. Someone jogging back and forth and getting loose while the Pirates buy some time with a visit to Cole on the mound.

8:09 Wondering how long the leash is for Cole. Cardinals have been banging on the door, and now have Adams on first and Yadi up with a 2-run lead and 1 out. Hurdle has to manage with urgency. That’s why I loved what Joe Maddon did last night, even if they didn’t win.

8:03 (And with that Morneau 6-3 put out, see below for applicable Kozma commentary.)


7:49 If Matt Adams was on the River City Rascals, he would have been fined $5 for flipping that ball into the crowd after catching it to end the top of the 3rd inning.

7:45 Wheeler – “Dick Stockton probably called that a changeup.”

7:40 David Freese OH MY GOODNESS. Absolutely CRUSHED that Cole hanging slider. A line drive, no-doubter that got out of Busch in a hurry. Let’s agree that the second inning counts on jumping on Gerrit Cole early. 383 feet the official estimated distance.

7:39 Twitter tells me the Blues scored!

7:28 Matt Carpenter SSSSHHHHHIIIIIIFFFFFTTTTT! Beautiful double play. As my dad would call it, somewhat of a “LOOK WHAT I FOUND” double play.

7:23 Well, turns out Gerrit Cole was PRETTY good in the first inning. So, to hell with the numbers!

7:16 Wainwright hits 95 on the gun in the first inning and also strikes out McCutchen on an absolutely DEVASTATING hook. Per Brooks Baseball,  his 4-seamer averaged 93.69 against the Pirates in Game 1. Full data (game by game) here, pretty cool stuff to play around with.

7:09 The noise in this place after Wainwright got Marte is pretty tremendous. This is only my third Cardinals postseason game, and I’m already blown away by the atmosphere. And we’ve played 1/3 of an inning! Loving this. Loving this postseason.

7:07 I love the rally towel. I refuse to apologize for this. They look awesome.

6:57 Gerrit Cole hasn’t been great early in games. In the 1st inning of his starts this year, Cole is giving up a .359/.419/.426 slash line. Cards may be able to jump on him early. 7 of his 28 walks this year have come in the first inning as well.

6:52 15 minutes from first pitch here at Busch Stadium. What an atmosphere already for Game 5 of the Cardinals-Pirates NLDS series. I’m in the press box along with Kevin Wheeler and Ben Boyd, and will be blogging throughout the game. LEGGO!


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