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harry star 4stars Reimagined Evita Highlights Dance and Passion

Casual theatergoers who have enjoyed “Evita” in the past are in for a surprise when they see it at The Fox this time. This new company and tour emphasizes Argentinian dance choreography, a slightly simpler & darker set design and a heightened, hot-blooded unfolding of the story from the perspective of the characters of Che and Eva Peron. This engagement of “Evita” at The Fox is presented by Dance St. Louis.

evita 5

Photo courtesy of Fox Theater

Josh Young plays Che and Caroline Bowman is Eva. Che in this company is not the frenetic revolutionary type, as the role was originally conceived. Young’s Che is more the social observer, and not often the cynic. Young is a gifted, convincing performer, although some might miss a more strident edge.

Evita 2

Photo courtesy of Fox Theater

Bowman’s Evita is exciting, impassioned and more than a little sexy. The role of Eva in this company calls for some very demanding choreography, and Bowman handles the total arc of her character beautifully.

Evita 4

Photo courtesy of Fox Theater

All the music you love from “Evita” is in this company, and one song from the movie has been added. Krystina Alabado is good as Peron’s young mistress who gets the boot when Eva arrives.

Evita 3

Photo courtesy Fox Theater

The orchestra of 16 includes 12 local musicians. The arrangements seem simpler, stronger with an emphasis on horns. The show plays out a little faster than the original with both Acts timing out at about one hour each. For many, you will find yourself being won over by this very motivated and intrepid new production. It has a tempo and a temperature that are engagingly contagious.

“Evita” will be on stage at The Fox through October 20.


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