ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – Vote the bums out! All of Them!! That’s what a majority of Americans are saying, according to a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll. But when the next congressional elections roll around next year, will they?

Two years ago when congress had a 15 percent approval rating, 90 percent of house members and 91 percent of senators who sought reelection, won reelection.

But the poll indicates people are really serious this time, so will they vote accordingly?

We’ll just have to wait and see. University of Missouri St. Louis Political Scientist Dave Robertson says in the past constituent anger has subsided before elections, but with congress kicking the debt ceiling can down the road, that may not happen this time.

“Congress is going to wind up projecting these crises out to the holidays and possibility into the New Year. The longer this goes the more frustrated people are going to be,” Robertson explains.

But its not just frustrated everyday people congress has to look out for. Some traditional financial backers of Republican candidates are talking about helping wage primary campaigns against the more conservative members of the party, primarily Tea Party members.

One corporate sector lobbyist told the New York Times they’re concerned about the rise of an ideological wing of the party, that’s willing to stand up to business interests.

However Robertson says Tea Party candidates don’t necessarily need big money to win.

You may remember Tea Party cheerleader and former Senate candidate Todd Akin.

“Todd Akin didn’t have that much money,” Robertson says. “He was out spent by his opponents but in a contested primary he won the nomination.”


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