ELLISVILLE, Mo. (KMOX) – Walmart says once again that it is pulling out of a proposed project in Ellisville.

That is music to the ears of Mayor Adam Paul who has hinged his political career on opposing the development, resulting in his impeachment and subsequent reinstatement as mayor.

Paul says he thinks the company was tired of the municipal drama.

“I don’t believe that’s Walmart’s character. In fact, I applaud Walmart and I thank Walmart for staying the course on their original decision to pull out. I think that’s honorable,” the mayor said.

Walmart said in early September that they were through with the west St. Louis County town but then developer Sansone Group said they were going to give it another try. It remains to be seen if this notification from Walmart to the city will end with another change of heart.

“We sent Walmart a letter and asked them, basically, are you in or are you out? And the response came back that their decision has not changed since the September 5th notifications saying they pulled out,” Paul said.

For two years, the Walmart plan has been a wedge issue in Ellisville, the driving force behind an attempted recall of councilmen and failed impeachment of Mayor Paul. A hearing this month by the Ellisville City Council to kill the project and its tax incentives was delayed.

“I compare it to a bad parody of the TV series ‘Lost’ where one second you think you know what’s going on or what’s transpired and the next second you’re scratching your head,” Paul added.


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