Iowa State University student Wes Monroe tells the Des Moines Register he wasn’t too worried when he lost his wallet at a gas station.

He had no cash, credit card or debit card inside the wallet, just some bookstore receipts and a picture of his girlfriend.

So imagine his surprise when someone not only mailed the wallet to his mom’s house, she included a handwritten note of encouragement and a $10 bill.

41-year-old mother of four Laura Diers is the one who did that.

She knew that college students always need motivation and money. She Googled Wes Monroe and found his Facebook page. He seemed like a “really nice kid,” Diers told the Des Moines Register.

So she composed a thoughtful letter, stuck $10 in there and put the wallet in the mail.

Monroe tells the Des Moines Register the was amazed by the gesture.

“It takes a special individual to go out and do something like that,”

Here is what Diers wrote:

“I found your wallet on the side of the road by Highway 30 in Ames. I know it is easy to get a new license but I thought you might like your wallet and the pictures inside of it.

I hope things are going well for you at ISU and you are all settled in.

Study hard, but also have some fun & experience life!

I know it’s not much, but it’s always nice to have a little extra cash. Enjoy a drink with a friend or put a drop of gas in your car.

I’m sure you’re thinking “this person is bizarre!” LOL! I just remember what it is like to be a college student!

Enjoy your life & go after all your dreams with passion a& excitement.”


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