Brett Blume

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – It turns out the long-running success of one St. Louis institution — the Cardinals — is hurting the bottom line of another local institution — Crown Candy Kitchen (1401 St. Louis Ave).

“There’s a ring you can draw around Busch Stadium that (businesses) will benefit from this thing (the World Series) the whole time they’re in town,” explains Crown Candy owner Andy Karandzieff. “But once you get outside that ring a lot of us suffer a little bit.”

Karandzieff says at one mile north of the Arch, his business falls just outside that ring and suffers a 15-20% drop in business, minimum, when the Cardinals make the playoffs as they have 10 times since 2000.

That’s in contrast to the ten to twenty percent boost in business each time the Cards are in town during the regular season, as fans flow in before and after the game.

Karandzieff knows he could probably fix that by installing a big-screen TV screen like those that festoon the walls of area sports bars, but “that’s not gonna happen”.

“We are what we are,” he says, adding it would mar the rustic charm of Crown Candy Kitchen that so many longtime customers enjoy. “I will bring my radio out and I will put KMOX on and I will turn it up and I will enjoy the game.”

Even if he’s the only one in the joint.

“The further it goes, the worst this gets,” Karandzieff points out. “If there’s a 7th game, you’ll be able to shoot a cannon off in Crown Candy and not hit anybody.”


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