ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – With World Series tickets soaring into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars, many fans found another place to watch the game Sunday.

Andrew and David Dahle couldn’t justify spending $400 for standing room tickets so they brought their RV to a parking lot on Broadway, set up a 50-inch television and a buffet, and watched the game from outside the stadium.

The brothers say even that wasn’t cheap.

“We had to rent the spots to park it. I think it was like $200 for the spot,” Andrew said.

“We got two spots. One for the RV and one for the two drivers,” David added.

Still, with scalpers nearby offering tickets at more than $500 each, the brothers were confident they made the right choice.

The Dahles’ white RV is normally reserved for University of Missouri football games but the two say they just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to turn their MU RV into a Cardinal’s fan paradise, complete with hotdogs and chili.

“You won’t find another baseball town like St. Louis. Go to LA and the fans are rude to their visitors,” Andrew said. “We welcome them and take them under our arms and invite them in and yet they still walk away with shame because they lose and we win.”

Unfortunately for the Dahles and other fans both inside and outside Busch Stadium Sunday night, it was the Red Sox who won Game 4, evening the series. Game 5 will be played Monday night.

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