NORMANDY, Mo. (KMOX) – A town hall meeting in the Normandy School District Monday night had parents shouting about the district’s budget and a recent decision by district officials to not pay its tuition bills.

The meeting was called by a citizens group unaffiliated with the school as an open forum for parents.

Parents are angry because they see their district as worsening after an exodus of students from the unaccredited district over the summer.

“There is a plan to dismantle public schools in this area and Normandy will be dismantled if the people do not fight back,” one resident said.

Another resident, who transferred her student from Normandy to Lindbergh, said she is angry that the Normandy board voted last week to not pay the tuition of students who left.

“I will be calling the governor in regards to trying to find out if there is a way that we can set up an escrow account for our personal property taxes,” the woman said. “I don’t feel as if I should have to pay my personal property taxes. If you won’t pay your bill, why should I have to give you my money?”

In June, the Missouri Supreme Court upheld a decades-old state law allowing students in unaccredited districts to transfer and requiring the unaccredited district to pay the tuition of transferring students. Normandy chose to send its buses to Francis Howell.

Normandy school board member Terry Artis said at the forum Monday that the board voted not to pay its tuition bills because state officials say the state will pay them.

“It’s not for us, the board, to make the decision to take the taxpayers’ money from this district and give it to another district, any district, where they’re solvent. They have no problems,” he said. “We have 85 percent of the children that we had at this time last year that we still have to educate. Not everybody left.”


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