ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A fistfight on a MetroLink train frightened passengers and raises questions about security.

It happened Friday afternoon on an eastbound Metrolink. Passenger David Bill witnessed the pandemonium.

“As the attacker lunged toward the man sitting, that’s when several people jumped from their seats and moved,” Bill said. “You had elderly people moving as fast as they could to get away, you had young children sitting nearby that were being protected by their mothers.”

A passenger hit the panic button to signal the train operator but says no security guards got on the train at the next three stops. By then the fighters had left.

“I think all I expected really was a response and to see nothing was eye-opening for me. But I think all I would expect is just if communication is made, for someone to come check it out, see what’s going on,” Bill said.

Metro says the train operator never called for help because when she signaled back to the car to ask what was wrong, she claims a voice told her it was a mistake.

CEO John Nations said the company remains committed to safety.

“The system is safe. We’ve been recognized nationally for the safety and security of the system,” he said. “When you take into account the fact that we move about a million people a week, the incidents on the system are actually extremely rare.”

But for passengers like David Bill, the fight on Friday left an impression.

“There’s no telling what can go on in the MetroLink. You’re in a confined space, there’s no escape, there is no response,” he said.


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