ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – Would you know if someone were smoking marijuana in an e-cigarette? Police say probably not, because the odorless vapor they emanate is virtually undetectable.

Sergeant Jason Grellner, Past President of the Narcotics Officers Association says authorities are trying to curb the trend of loading hash and honey oils extracted from marijuana into electronic cigarettes, and then smoking them in public.

“If you find a young person who is smoking these e-cigarettes and they do not have a smoking problem, its probably a dead giveaway,” he says.

They’ve found marijuana loaded e-cigarettes being shipped across the country from California, as well as Colorado.

Grellner warns this is not a harmless drug nor is it like marijuana back in the day. Today’s pot contains high levels of THC.

“This marijuana has been specifically grown to have the highest concentration of THC it possibly can,” Grellner explained.

But times are changing. In a recent poll from Gallup 58 percent of Americans say marijuana should be legalized.

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