ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – Will this winter be cold and snowy, mild and dry, or some other combination?

That’s the question meteorologists at the National Weather Service are trying to figure out, but this upcoming winter is turning out to be somewhat of a thorn in their side.

Two fundamental forecast factors – El Niño and La Niña – are projected to be absent this fall/winter.

El Niño usually means the region would see a warmer winter/spring, La Niña indicates a colder winter/spring.

“We’re kind of in what they call a neutral phase,” National Weather Meteorologist Jim Kramper explained. “So unfortunately that just means we tell people to be ready for a normal winter.”

But in the Midwest that means be prepared for anything.

Kramper said he’d bet on about 20 inches of snow over the course of the winter, and at least one warm spell before Spring.

“The Midwest is probably the most active part of the country so its really difficult to nail these things down,” he added.

Last winter also didn’t feature the El Niño nor La Niña phases.


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