GRANITE CITY, Ill. (KMOX) – Some holding signs and others wearing “no bullying” stickers on their cheeks, a couple hundred junior high students protested outside Coolidge Middle School in Granite City Friday morning.

The students were calling for the reinstatement of classmate Taylor Allen, who was suspended for slapping another girl who had bullied her. The alleged bully was not disciplined.

“She told me to kill myself. She’s told me tons of things,” says Allen.

Superintendent Jim Greenwald says administrators have handled the situation well but he is continuing to investigate.

“I think it was handled letter to the law and, you know, sometimes what you do ends right there and sometimes it can escalate,” he said.

Allen, who has a condition that causes her to lose her hair, said she is “very shocked” by the support she’s getting from her fellow students and believes it sends a message to others who are being bullied.

“It’s not just you. There’s many people who know how you feel. You’re not alone,” she says. “Now everyone sees that it’s not just one person going through it, it’s many, and that it should be stopped.”


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