Charlie and Debbie talk about Veteran’s Day, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and Traumatic Brain Injury oF our American veterans, and the life of U.S. Army Captain Thomas Casey McCausland, who died at the age of 32, and whose poem about the battlefield and life afterwards, was read by KMOX Host Debbie Monterrey.

In Loving Memory Of
June 21, 1981-November 1, 2013
To do good we went out one day
We went to talk, we went to see
We were warned, but we continued on
To clean up another’s mess
To do good we went out one day
And we learned, and we talked, and we left
As a result, we felt the fire
We felt the burn from the ground
It came from everywhere, but
To do good we went out one day
The good went away and the bad came
1,2,3, down
And ours went against theirs
And we fought, sweat and blood
The smell of death
To do good we went out one day
And when we came back what was left
A hole, a void that can not be filled
Forever changed, never forgetting
Living it over and over I close my eyes
Wondering, did we do good when we
went out that day?

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