ST. PETERS, Mo. (KMOX) – Would you be willing to drive around while wearing a bandana over your face? That’s what attorney Bevis Schock is suggesting St. Peters residents do to express their displeasure with red light cameras.

Last week, St. Peters aldermen voted unanimous to remove a city ban on assessing points for camera violations. Meaning if your car gets photographed running a red-light points can be assessed against the registered owner of that car.

“This is a first amendment protest,” Schock told KMOX’s Charlie Brennan Tuesday.

He said if the City of St. Peters wants to issue red light tickets and assess points against drivers, they also need to increase due process protections for citizens.

Hear more of Schock’s interview below:

The revised camera ordinance comes after a court ruling that the previous city ordinance conflicted with state law requiring points to be assessed for moving violations.


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