ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The Obama Administration announced Friday it wants to reduce the amount of ethanol in gasoline and the state’s corn farmers are not happy about it.

Missouri Corn Growers Association Public Policy Director Shane Kinne says the move to reverse an earlier pro-ethanol policy is an attempt by oil lobbyists to decrease competition in the market.

“We had a fuel monopoly in the U.S. and we were needing to have options at the pump and so this policy was put in place to break up that monopoly and when a government agency answers basically what Big Oil wants and how much they want to blend, that’s a concern,” Kinne said.

In a statement released Friday, U.S. Secretary of the Agriculture Tom Vilsack downplayed the announcement.

“The Obama Administration remains committed to the production of clean, renewable energy from homegrown sources, and to the businesses that are hard at work to create the next generation of biofuels,” he said.

The administration’s announcement is only a proposal. There is now a 60-day comment period before a ruling will be made.


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