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In the realm of fun shows with lots of personality, comedy and a tinge of a message, “Sister Act” the musical rides a wave of popularity from the film version in 1992 that starred Whoopi Goldberg and Maggie Smith. The national company now onstage at The Fox features production values that seem a bit cut-price. On opening night, Act I was almost a washout as the individual performances and cast chemistry all struggled. Perhaps there was a technical issue at fault, because in Act II the show took off and the evening finished on a high note (literally) with the expected audience shape-up at the end.

sister act 5

Photo Courtesy of Fox Theater

The storyline remains the same, although the city where it all takes place has changed from San Francisco to Detroit. Ta’Rea Campbell headlines as Deloris, the night club singer with the mile high purple boots who is trying to parlay a relationship with a local gangster into a professional career as an entertainer.

sister act 3

Photo Courtesy of Fox Theater

Hollis Resnik, an accomplished Broadway musical and dramatic talent, plays the Mother Superior, who bends to pressure to hide Deloris in a convent when the gangster, played laconically by Melvin Abston, wants to kill her because she witnessed him killing a man.

sister act 2

Photo Courtesy of Fox Theater

As Deloris starts to get to know the nuns who make up the religious community of the convent, her first order of business is to turn them into a credible choir and liven up the liturgy. She’s the perfect person to do just that. Even the Pope hears about the nuns and their new singing style, and comes to see them. (Yes, you’ll see the Pope in this show, but not where you think you’ll see him. Be on the lookout!)

sister act

Photo Courtesy of Fox Theater

“Sister Act” builds in punch (and loudness) in Act II. There are some funny lines throughout. The 11 piece orchestra does well for themselves, and they include 5 local musicians. This company of “Sister Act” grows on you, and by the end of the evening you will have had a very good time. At times “Sister Act” is full of fun and builds to a sensational singing finale.

sister act 6

Photo Courtesy of Fox Theater

Now let’s see if they can wake-up the First Act.


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