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There’s a very good actor in “Delivery Man,” but it isn’t the star of the film, Vince Vaughn. It’s Chris Pratt, who plays his struggling attorney. The two have a lot of scenes together, and the imbalance hurts the film.

Del Man 4

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Vaughn’s character is a underachiever who works as a delivery man for a meat market owned by his family. 20 years ago, Vaughn donated sperm to a local fertility clinic. He did it anonymously and unbeknown to him ended up fathering 533 children.

Del Man 3

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Now, 142 of them have filed a class action law suit to make the clinic reveal who their biological father is.

Del Man 1

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The situation is further complicated by the fact that Vaughn’s character’s girl friend announces she is with child.

Del Man

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The thoroughly implausible storyline is given a minor amount of interest by Pratt’s performance as the attorney and friend of Vaughn who is fighting the suit on a pro bono basis. Pratt’s personal life and career are almost in as bad a shape as client’s. But Vaughn glides through the movie like he’s waiting for the next punch line. Couple his bland performance with an impossible storyline and you have a great reason to see another movie.



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