By Chris HrabeBy Chris Hrabe

What a week this is going to be, leading up to Saturday’s SEC Championship game in Atlanta. We’ll cover the game from all angles throughout the week — the matchups themselves, the Auburn-Alabama rivalry that is still very much a part of the week, the gambling side of things, and the gameday atmosphere — but for now, it just feels good to be here, doesn’t it?

It feels good for Mizzou to arrive at this point, much faster than anyone thought, in a conference many (including myself) thought might be too much for the Tigers in the immediate future.

I don’t write this as a pundit, or a media member, or anything simply than a fan. And it feels DAMN good to be here.

It feels good to have not only the national attention, but the attention of the SEC leading up to the biggest game of the college football season that isn’t the BCS Title Game. For one week, it’s all about Mizzou and Auburn. (And, ok, maybe about Alabama as well.)

And it feels good to have Alabama on the side of Mizzou, using the Tigers from the East as a vehicle to hopefully get one over the Tigers from the West, after Auburn pulled one of the most miraculous finishes out of their behinds for the second time in three weeks.

To kick off my thoughts on this week, check out this delightful piece from RollBamaRoll, an open letter from an Alabama fan to Mizzou fans.