On Martin Bashear and Sarah Palin

So Martin Bashear has bowed out at MSNBC following a commentary in which he took a hard slap at Sarah Palin, implying that her comments comparing the national debt to slavery leave her deserving the same punishment slaves received (being urinated and defecated upon). In the grand scheme of things this is small news and not terribly surprising. But I think the reporting on this misses the point – which is also not at all surprising since most “news” reporters on TV aren’t worth the suits they fill and the brain power that goes into most of their analysis wouldn’t light a nightlamp.

The focus is on the scatological nature of Bashear’s comments. It’s the poopy-talk that cost him his job, so the story goes. If that’s why he was popped, then the bigwigs at MSNBC are as addled as Ms. Palin herself. The fact is that the meat of Bashear’s commentary was on-point. Palin’s comparison IS idiotic, but so what? The fantasy he harbors of seeing her mouth defecated into is purely personal, and to use it as an endpoint to his screed was unnecessary and undermined the rational point he was driving home (albeit with a sledgehammer). It went from being an analysis of the nature of how misguided her rationale was to serving as an amateurish face grinding.

But Martin Bashear’s real sin, to me, is laziness. Sarah Palin’s a moron. And? So what? She’s not an office holder anymore, and her opinions, blockheaded as they may be, are something she has a right to. And worst of all, she’s low-hanging fruit. She’s the easiest target on the right simply because she ALWAYS says something stupid, and we all already know that. There’s no discussion to further here, and no pertinent information to be gleaned. She’s not someone to be stood up to simply because nobody takes her seriously anyway. If you’re going to go that far to slam somebody, how about making it somebody who matters rather than just taking a potshot at someone because you hate them personally? I think they call that “serving your audience.” Martin Bashear should give that a try next time.