UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. (KMOX) – When the Loop Trolley District learned it might get two vintage trolleys from Portland, Oregon, it was told the trolleys had no heaters or air conditioners.

Problem solved, says Blueberry Hill owner Joe Edwards.

“Everything’s going to go out to bid, hopefully in the next three or four weeks, and when the bids come back in, if our consultants have been correct all these years, which I think they are, then we’ll have the money to air-condition them,” says Edwards, who is also the chairman of the Loop Trolley Transportation Development Commission.

Edwards says air-conditioner and heater units will be placed on top of the trolleys so their vintage appearance won’t be compromised.

“It doesn’t alter the look in a major way of the trolley but still gives comfort to people riding them,” he added.

The trolleys will also be upgraded to include better access for the handicapped.

The proposed lease agreement between St. Louis and Portland must still be approved by Portland’s transit agency. A vote is expected Wednesday.

The trolleys are about 20-years-old but designed to look like the 1903 Brill Streetcar which ran in Portland for the first half of the 20th century.

Their interior is wooden and each trolley holds about 40 passengers, 36 comfortably. There is also room for about 30 standees.


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