ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Gov. Jay Nixon is receiving a verbal scolding from Missouri Sen. Jamilah Nasheed.

It was Nasheed, D-St. Louis, who first claimed Nixon’s staff held up a vote on $137 million in tax credits for senior and low-income housing to appease Republicans who threatened to filibuster the Boeing tax incentive package.

Now the senator wants an emergency meeting.

“None of the Black Caucus members knew about that backdoor deal,” Nasheed says, adding that the governor “cut that deal on the backs of poor people.”

The St. Louis Democrat says a Nixon staffer told members of the Missouri Housing Development Commission to put a hold on the tax credits.

Nasheed, on behalf of the Black Caucus, sent a letter to Nixon, scolding him for his actions.

She says millions of dollars for housing were held hostage so the governor could cater to Boeing.


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