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harry star 2andahalfstars Elf Holiday Diversion at The Fox

There are two reasons to see “Elf” at The Fox. The first (and most important) is The Fox Theater itself. The lobby, the theater, live music on the steps leading down from The Fox Club, plus imaginative & beautiful Christmas decorations make it a prime holiday destination in St. Louis, made all the more significant by the magnificent theater’s storied traditions in our town. The Fox is a treasure.

elf pic 3

Photo courtesy of The Fox

The lesser reason is the current attraction on stage, “Elf.” The self-contained company of this musical production is currently on a 60 day tour over the holidays. When “Elf” first came to Broadway in 2011, and again in 2013, it ran a similar schedule doing 57 shows both times between November and January. The show has an obvious holiday shelve life because of the topic.

elf pic

Photo courtesy of The Fox

The main character is a 28-year-old guy named Buddy who lives at the North Pole with Santa and believes he is an elf. When he learns that he is human and was adopted by Santa Claus, he leaves for New York to find his father who is in the children’s book publishing business. Buddy finds his Dad, love and a family,

elf pic 4

Photo courtesy of The Fox

“Elf’s” music and lyrics are not anything you’ll recall later. The cast and choreography are cheerily bland.  Matt Kopec as Buddy is energetic but not engaging. The whole production has an amateurish look. The 9 piece orchestra does the best it can with the score provided.

elf 2

Photo courtesy of The Fox

Compared to attractions like “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” and “A Christmas Carol,” “Elf” is the inferior product. And Act 1 is way too long for an audience with a lot of children. But it all happens at The Fabulous Fox, and that puts a nice turn on the entire experience.



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