ELLISVILLE (KMOX) – They won’t have to kill as many deer in Ellisville next year.

Mayor Adam Paul said that’s because the herd has been culled very effectively in years past. However, he said that does not diminish the need to continue to keep the number under control.

The city approved just one hunt next year by the Department of Natural Resources. Paul expects them to remove fewer than nine deer.

Residents will also be allowed to bow hunt on their property if they have more than three acres and have the approval of neighbors.

“It’s just way too expense to sterilize the deer, a lot of times its ineffective,” Paul said. “With our structured hunts and giving residents the right to do their own managed hunts greatly reduces it.”

Paul said once the deer start winter breeding residents should be careful. “That’s when you’ll have the deer that will charge a resident,” he explained.


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