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The posters and still photos in the marketing of “Grudge Match” hide something that is painfully evident in the movie. The two stars are way too old for this story. Even tough it’s a scenario about a pair of prize fighters who decide to do a re-match years later to settle an old score, Stallone looks sadly inept and De Niro is just unconvincing. Additionally, the script is so dreadfully simplistic, you may find yourself predicting the lines before they are spoken, and most of the time you’ll be right.

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Courtesy of IMDB

Stallone’s character, Henry “Razor” Sharp isn’t. It has been 30 years since his last big fight against Billy “The Kid” McDonnen, played by De Niro, and if you are to believe the story, both rip themselves back into 12-round fighting shape and are able to knock out much younger sparring partners.

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Courtesy of IMDB

Kevin Hart has the role of the shady fight promoter. Alan Arkin is an elderly trainer and who leaves his nursing home to come back and train Stallone’s character. Kim Basinger has a small role as Stallone’s old love interest. There’s is a parenting sub-plot and a cute grandkid to round out the sappy scenario.

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Courtesy of IMDB

The film’s finale is, of course, the big fight. In the theater where I saw “Grudge Match,” several patrons left before the 12th round. Like the boxers in the film, there’s only so much you can take.


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