Kevin Killeen

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–With temperatures at — or below — zero, there are two kinds of people — the ones inside and the ones out.

Most of St. Louis stayed inside this day after a major winter storm dropped a foot of snow and ushered in sub-zero temperatures.  Schools, businesses and some local government offices shut down.

Cass Shewbart clears sidewalk in zero temperatures in Clayton.

Cass Shewbart clears sidewalk in zero temperatures in Clayton.

Among those out on the street was 30-year old Cass Shewbart who says he started shoveling snow early Sunday morning and had been at it for thirty hours.

“My judgement’s fine,” Shewbart said, “But it’s winter time and I have bills.  You do want you gotta do to feed your family.”








Lambert Airport reported some 300 flights cancelled Sunday with another 120 cancelled today.  All runways were open today at Lambert, but delays and cancellations were being caused by weather problems around the country.IMG_6596 IMG_6594

One stranded passenger, Billy Slocumb of Houston says he came here Friday for a funeral, got stuck in the snow and was planning to rent a car and drive home 800 miles, rather than wait for a flight to open up.

Major Interstates here have only one or two lanes plowed down to the pavement.  Other lanes were plowed but still snow-packed and dangerous.  One person died in a crash at Interstate 44 and Jefferson.

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