ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – ‘It’s too dangerous to stay outside!’ That’s why many volunteers, including Ray Redlich with the New Life Evangelistic Center, spent much of the night looking to bring the homeless inside or provide whatever help they needed.

“You know that there are people who may loose their lives tonight,” Ridlich told KMOX. “You don’t know exactly who you’re going to miss.”

Luckily, officials in St. Louis City say no one died last night.

“We were able to bring in as many people as we possible could,” City Human Services Director Bill Siedhoff said, but added he is “still concerned that there are some people out there that might need help.”

197 people did seek shelter from the cold at either the city’s 12th and Park Community Center shelter or the county’s shelters at the Affton Community Center.

Redlich said that gave them a general snapshot of the homeless demographic in St. Louis. He said his volunteers “are seeing more and more women and children who are homeless” than they ever have.

Searches from homeless in St. Louis County have been scaled back, according to St. Louis County human services director Andrea Jackson-Jennings. She said the focus now will be supporting the overflow from the city.

About 40 city homeless were bussed to the community center in Affton last night.

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