"Service calls probably went up 200 to 300 percent,"

By Megan Lynch, @MLynchOnAir

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – Many homeowners’ worst fears were realized in this week’s winter storm, when their furnace went on the fritz.

“Service calls probably went up 200 to 300 percent,” says Bart Inman, owner of Inman Air.  He tells KMOX many of those emergencies could have been avoided with simple maintenance.

“A lot of the calls were because furnace filters were dirty,” says Inman, which triggered more problems.  “If the furnace isn’t getting air because the filter’s so dirty, it can’t put air out, and when that happens it burns up your blower motor.”

Inman says in some cases the furnaces were probably starting to go out days before, but homeowners didn’t notice until it got bitterly cold.

He says demand for assistance was so high his crews were only getting a few hours of sleep a night.  At the height of the storm service vans weren’t able to reach some customers because of unplowed roads.

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