ALTON, Ill. (KMOX)- In Alton, some say the police department is cracking down on sex offender registration. But the officer-in-charge there says, “They’re just doing it the way it’s supposed to be done.”

Every sex offender in Alton is either registered or has criminal charges and a warrant out for failure to register. Public information officer, Emily Hejna, says it’s because the Chief told her to make sure nobody slips through.

“On a daily basis I look at the sex offender list that we have our internal database and I ensure that anything that happened over the night prior, it didn’t involve the sex offender and if it did, I look at if that is a violation of their registration,” says Hejna.

Monthly, she makes sure that everyone is properly registered and in compliance by a visit or even criminal charges. Recently, the chief recently gave her another assignment as well.

“He said, ‘Emily I want to make sure I know where all of our sex offenders are. I want to have all of them in compliance and if not, we need to bring them to justice,’” she explains.

Hejna says that’s just what the law states, but many departments don’t have or don’t allocate the staffing and resources to be so thorough.

“We have had success; we are able to say that all of our sex offenders are in compliance and/or have been charged at this time. I would encourage all departments to stay on top of their registration and do it by the book like it’s supposed to be done,” says Hejna.

She says Alton now has 100-percent sex offender compliance.


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