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harry star 2stars Ride Along Riding High at Box Office

H. L  Mencken once wrote that “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.” The new film, “Ride Along,” which has taken in $50 million in ticket sales in a mere five days, is agonizing proof of that adage.

ride 4

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Kevin Hart plays Ben, a fast-talking, video game fanatic and high school security guard who is dating a beautiful girl whose over-protective brother, James, portrayed by O’Shea Jackson, aka Ice Cube, wishes she would end the relationship with Ben. When Ben gets accepted at the Atlanta police academy, Ben hopes this will assuage James. Not so.

ride 1

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James tells Ben he wants him to join him in the field for a day to see if he can handle being a cop, thereby proving he’s a proper suitor for his sister?

ride 2

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Of course, the day turns into a showdown with crooked cops and a mysterious underground figure named Omar, played by Laurence Fishburne.

ride 3

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“Ride Along” strings along the audience with juvenile comedy and hip hop sexual references. The most challenging  thing about this movie is the long wait until it’s over.

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