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You’ll hear a lot about Kate Levy’s performance as Juliana Smithton in “The Other Place,” currently on stage at The Rep’s Studio Theater. It is one of the gutsiest and most capable performances I’ve ever witnessed.

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Levy’s character is a learned researcher in diseases of the brain who is now a marketing guru for a drug company that is taking the “miracle” drug she developed to the market place. The pharmaceutical is one aimed at being a breakthrough treatment for dementia and related conditions.

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In the personal ledger of her life, Levy’s character is a reluctant participant in a divorce from her husband, who is a noted oncologist. Her husband is played capably by R. Ward Duffy.

other 2

Amidst all this personal turmoil, Levy’s character is experiencing mental flights from reality, interrupting her concentration while she is working and blurring the lines between the real and imagined. She believes she has brain cancer. Her husband and a neurologist she is seeing know better.

other 4

“The Other Place” shows Juliana’s gradual fade from reality into a world of confusion and fractured reverie. It will be all too familiar for families who have seen family members descend psychologically  in a similar manner. Rob Ruggiero’s sensitive yet audacious direction smolders on the stage.  The play’s final moments will break your heart. Kate Levy braves her way through a most challenging performance that you won’t ever forget. Another triumph for The Studio Theater!



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