Says it's a form of “indirect taxation”

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX) – A former red light camera judge from Wentzville testified in favor of state legislation that would ban the devices in Missouri.

Attorney Michael Carter and state Rep. Bryan Spencer sat before Missouri’s Crime Prevention and Public Safety Committee Monday calling for the “eradication” of red light cameras in the state.

Carter told the committee that during his time as a red light camera judge in Wentzville he saw the “delight on different people’s faces” when rulings were handed down.

He has now come to the conclusion traffic cameras are a form of “indirect taxation” operating under the guise of public safety.

“[Politicians] are afraid to go on record and vote taxes up… but [they] can couch this in a way where it comes across as public safety,” Carter explained.

In a letter to the committee after the meeting Carter wrote, “It is a money grab from our citizens/voters like none I’ve ever seen before — under the guise of safety. Traffic cameras are about as anti-Missouri as any one issue can be.”

He said money was the driving force — not safety — for the hundreds of cameras across the state.

Watch Attorney Michael Carter and Mo. Rep. Bryan’s testimonies

The red light camera bill remains parked in committee. Similar bills banning red light cameras were introduced last fall in Ohio and Florida.

Arkansas, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire and West Virginia have all prohibited the use of traffic cameras.

Bills banning or limiting traffic cameras are: HB1533 and HB1557.


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