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HAZELWOOD, MO (KMOX)-Preparing for the unthinkable, staff in the Hazelwood School District have spent the last two days learning the latest tactics for handling an armed intruder who enters a school and opens fire.

In the scenario witnessed by KMOX News, the gunman, already in the room, pulls his weapon and starts shooting.

Staff members in the room throw fake books, real chairs and real tables at him, before tackling and disarming him.

Watch the drill below.

Tier One Tactical Solutions Co-Founder Stephen Spear says that scenario teaches the fourth of the four E’s: Educate, Escape, Evade and Engage, “None of the other options are available to us. The bad guy pops up in our midst and we don’t have the ability to do the other things, so we’re going to have to take it upon ourselves to render the bad guy ineffective until law enforcement gets there.”

Spear says it’s a tactic that can work in classrooms with older students, but with young children it will be up to the teacher to take action.

Spear says the four E’s have been developed using the lessons learned at Sandy Hook, “Sandy Hook is driving home, not just that law enforcement is going to come in, but now we need to partner with, whether it be educators, churches, so they understand what our responsiblity is, what we’re expecting from them, opening up that dialogue.”

As for whether teachers and staff members should be armed, Spears says that’s up to the local school officials.


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